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Mr.Supachai Kasempitayatorn
 C.N.X insect extinguisher partnership
gladly offers its service to extinguish
termites, ants, and cockroaches
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              The worlds first termites originated about 220 million years ago. From E.M. Bordy of Witwatersrand Universitys discovery of fossilized termites in South Africa, zoologists know that the ancient termites features are very similar to todays cockroaches but are much smaller in size and have a softer skin.    
  Though termites nowadays may exist to over 2,000 species, only a few love to live within the woods in the house, which is dangerous to people who live in it because termites will eat anything that is made out of wood, forcing those who live in the house to evacuate. Finally, termites are social insects that live in groups. They look for food and take care of each other as a team. This characteristic makes it difficult for humans or other animals to get rid or to terminate them.
 So in building a house, the house owner must fully spray chemicals into the termites' nests which may be in the tree stomp or under the ground to be sure that they will all die. Because these chemicals for extinguishing termites are poisonous to life, including people, the spraying of these chemicals should be carefully and regularly done, without waiting for the futile termites to fly out. If not, every part of the house would be in danger.

Nowadays, termites are disturbing buildings and the habitats of people all over the world, especially in The United States of America, which consumes about 45 billion baht per year in order to get rid of them. From fighting the formasan, the survey has showed that in The United States, there are 500,000-305 million of them.  

This kind of termite came with the ship from Asia about sixty years ago and has now lived in trees, the house in the South and Hawaii. Coptotermes formasanus can be especially found in New Orleans because of the warmth and the humidity. The houses that are covered with vines lessens the king of termites work for having to look for food, leaving it with only one job, that is to mate with the termite queen at night, which is a guard to termites enemies   such as ants, ladybugs, bees, geckos, centipedes, and sleeping people. This increases the efficiency of creating  young ones not to be disturbed.               


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