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Mr.Supachai Kasempitayatorn
 C.N.X insect extinguisher partnership
gladly offers its service to extinguish
termites, ants, and cockroaches
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Doi Suthep
T.suthep A.meang Chiangmai
Phuping Place
T.suthep A.meang Chiangmai
Doi intanon
A.jomthong Chianmai
Doi angkang
A.fang Chiangmai
Mae-ya Waterfall
A.jomthong Chianmai
Sainumpeng Garden
A.fang Chiangmai
Pangchang Maesa
A.maerim Chiangmai
Phatang Chiangrai
Doi tung
A.maefaluang Chiangmai
Tour Lanna
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C.N.X.Pest Control Ltd.,Partnership

300/524 Moo10 Chiangmaigrandvill Village Chiangmai-hangdong.Rd
T.maehear A.muang Chiangmai 50100
Tel. 053-805469 Fax. 053-805249 Email: